Parked near Venice and in the wee small hours listening to the thunder crashing and the rain beating on the roof of the van and wondering if we would ever get some sleep we realised that we were thoroughly knackered.

Monza had been fantastic but required early morning starts to get a good position on the circuit. Combined with late night partying it was hard going. Venice had been tiring and we had a plan that was basically a city tour of central Europe.

We realised that combining two Grand Prix events with a virtually non-stop tour of European cities was too much and would become a drag. We needed some rest and we knew where to find it.


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Forcalquier Market

Our favourite site in France is in the hills near Forcalquier, a beautiful and lively town in Alpes de Haute Provence. Two days run with a stop-over in the Appenines north of Genoa and we were there,

The town is built around a steep hill which was once a medieval fortress and Forcalquier was the capital of Haute Provence in the middle ages. Now it is a bustling market town with a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants and, for us, represents the ideal Provencal lifestyle. I have to confess that this photo and the one above were 'nicked' and credit is due to the copyright holders.

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The camp site is predominately occupied by Dutch visitors (they always know the best places to stay). It has spacious pitches, a beautiful circular pool, bar, restaurant, mini-market etc. They organise a communal meal every Wednesday and regular musical events. Les Beatles are playing in a few days time from writing this.


Our pitch   View from our pitch  
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Hopefully we'll have some more to report from our stay in this area but for the next few days we're putting our feet up and relaxing by the pool!

Well, after a few days of doing absolutely nought we were getting a bit bored (and running low on essential alcohol supplies) so we took a run up to Sisteron, a small town overlooked by an ancient citadel about 50 minutes drive from our site.

There's a convenient aire (motorhome parking place) on the edge of the town so we pulled in there and went for a wander. The town lies on the Durance river and views are quite spectacular but the town itself is a bit of a tourist magnet. We were a bit early for lunch and after a good look around we decided to head back to Forcalquier for lunch and to do our shopping.

Here's a couple of snaps we took in Sisteron.

Sisteron Citidel
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Durance   Sisteron
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Today (20/9/14) is our 39th wedding anniversary (thanks to Lorna for reminding us, we lose track of the time here!) so we decided to splash out on a meal in the restaurant. The site's emptying out pretty quickly now as the end of the season approaches so there were only ourselves and one other couple dining. We had fois gras with a fig confit and watercress salad, roast duck leg with green beans and frites and Tarte Tatin. Add a couple of caraffes of rosť and espressos and a good time was had by all.

We plan to leave here on Thursday and head north via Chambrey, Geneva, the Vosges Mountains and Luxembourg. Will probably do another post as we go.

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