Yes, I know, another boring piccy of Sue sitting (she's sometimes standing) by the van! Anyway, in line with our new policy of only travelling modest distances in any one day we left Forcelquier, passed through Grenoble (not impressed from what we saw) and  stopped here at Camping Municipal "Le Savoy" in Challes-le-Eaux at the foot of the Chartreuse Mountains.

This was only ever intended as a one night stopover so we didn't do any exploring but the site (once we found it 'cos the GPS tried to take us down an impossibly narrow alley, again) was ideal for our purposes. Well laid out with large gravelled pitches and an excellent motorhome service point we'd rate it highly for a 'Municipal'.

Savoy Municipal

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Des Peches 1

Carrying on northward we drove back into Switzerland and through (largely under) Geneva. We've realised that a substantial part of the Swiss motorway system is subterranean however during one of our 'above ground' sorties we did pass the World Trade Centre building. Incidentally the 33 euro 12 month Swiss motorway vignette is excellent value compared to the toll charges that you pay in France or Italy and you're not having to constantly feed the 'péage' machines!

We took a bit of a detour from the motorway to take a peek at Lake Geneva then carried on through (actually under) Neuchâtel. All these tunnels play hell with the GPS but we found the right turnoff for Le Landeron and our target campsite "Des Peches". This is in a beautiful location near the medieval town itself and the Thielle Canal which joins Lac Neuchâtel to Lac Bienne.

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The canal is navigable by quite substantial craft and we were fortunate to be walking along the footpath beside the canal as the ferry which operates between the lakes approached the pier at Le Landeron. Isn't it funny that you feel compelled to wave to people on a boat and that they feel compelled to wave back!

  Le Landeron Pier   Petersinsel  
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What we didn't realise when we decided on visiting Le Landeron was that the last weekend in September is the biggest date on the little town's calendar. We discovered that the entire place was taken over by a huge antiques and bric-a-brac fair which seemed to be attended by about half the population of Switzerland. As well as the hundreds (no exaggeration) of antiques trade stalls there were dozens of fast food / beer etc stands.

  Le Landeron Fair 1   Le Landeron Fair 2  
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We'd really intended to find a nice quiet little restaurant for lunch but it was immediately apparent that this was not going to happen. We had a mooch round the fair but neither of us is really into this kind of thing. Being Switzerland there were many, many examples of antique timepieces, all sorts of clocks and watches which would no doubt have sent a collector into a fit of ecstasy but my more prosaic eye landed on some precision lathes. Fortunately I was dragged away before I committed myself to a purchase!

Pangs of hunger were developing so we decided to make an about turn and via the campsite we headed for the port and 'La Captainerie' restaurant, essentially the local yacht club.

  La Captainerie 1   La Captainerie  
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The food turned out to be excellent and justified the prices. During the week there is a menu du jour but at weekends it has to be a la carte. Sue ordered entrecote and I had lamb fillet. With a (small) bottle of Swiss pinot noir and an espresso each the bill was CHF104, about £67 but good food, service and a lovely ambience added up to a very pleasant lunch indeed.

To walk off the very substantial portions we had just eaten we went for a wander around the harbour. We were even in the mood for another selfie.

  Harbour   Selfie  
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We've had a brilliant couple of days here but tomorrow it's back into France and the Vosge Mountains, looking forward to it.

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