Monza was a brilliant experience, we enjoyed Spa but the atmosphere at Monza was really great, helped in no small part by the free concert arranged by the campsite for the Saturday evening with Eddie Jordan and his band 'The Robbers' and their support band 'The Lettuce Heads', pics are below.

The racing was pretty good as well. At Monza you can be about 10 metres from the track and with cars doing 300kph+ it's seriously exciting. To crown the weekend, the right result saw Lewis on top of the podium - see opposite.

Many thanks to Mick and Yvonne for most of the photos on this page, I was well p****d after the Eddie do and left my camera behind. It was kindly handed in at reception the next day but we'd already left for the racing.


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The meeting is not just F1 but also the support classes, GP3, GP2 and Porsche Supercup. One of the cars broke down right in front of us, the driver jumped out lifted the bonnet and, with a little help from the marshalls, fixed the problem. He qualified 6th by the way. Think F1's a bit too complex for this sort of diy!

  Porsches on the start/finish straight   Broken Porsche  
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The Saturday night gig gave us all a chance to use the chant 'Eddie, Eddie', well known to UK followers of F1. Eddie's the drummer by the way but the stage lighting wasn't the best!

  Eddie's band   Eddie talking to the crowd  
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The drivers do a parade lap about an hour before the race start and there's other bits of entertainment as well.

  Drivers parade   The band  
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And then it's the cars and the racing. The new F1 engine spec has removed the traditional 'scream' associated with racing engines but we don't believe it's reduced the drama by a great extent. Anyway here's a few pics of the cars themselves.

  Cars on the grid   Lewis Hamilton  
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  Jenson Button   Fernando Alonso  
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Will we be back next year? We'd love to and combine it with a general mooch round Italy but this is a very expensive country and what with the cost of all our other travels we'll have to take a careful look at the old finances!

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